The Studio is a boutique portrait studio specialising in the wet plate collodion process, a photographic technique invented in the early 1850's.  Each image is hand crafted,  producing an original direct-positive image on a sheet of glass or aluminium plate.  A portrait session takes two to three hours, dependent on the number of people being photographed.  The resulting images are unique and portray a timeless beauty and character not seen in today's digital world.

The Studio is also available for hire.




Using equipment and techniques developed during the Victorian era, the photographic plates are individually coated and sensitised in the darkroom.  They are then exposed and developed while wet; hence the term "wet plate process".  This needs to be completed within ten to fifteen minutes;  any longer, the plates dry out and the images are lost.  Once the plates have been fixed, washed and dried, they are coated in a gum sandarac varnish that preserves and protects them for generations.

Being invited into the darkroom to observe this historical photographic process is memorable.  Watching the image appear on the plate surface is mesmerising; an experience that few people now have the opportunity to witness.  At the end of the session, clients leave with a unique and original hand-made portrait and a complimentary digital file of their image.



Not content with being confined to the studio, we recently converted a 1950's caravan into a mobile darkroom specifically designed  for shooting wet plates on location.

If you have an event coming up and would like to host our tintype studio as part of your celebrations, we would love to talk.





Adrian Cook is an award-winning portrait and documentary photographer and has worked for major advertising agencies and magazines worldwide for the last 25 years.

In early 2015, uninspired by the predictability and monotony of digital photography, Adrian began taking photographs using the wet plate collodion process in an effort to recreate the aesthetic qualities and characteristics lost with the demise of film.

He has never been happier!

To view some of Adrian's work please visit

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